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ICT Group only manufactures Virginia blend tobacco products.


Native to North America, the blend is named for the state of Virginia, where it was first grown commercially in 1839. Also called Brightleaf, the tobacco leaves turn bright yellow-orange during the flue-curing process, which simply means they are heat-cured without exposure to smoke.


Not all tobacco is created equal. At ICT Group, we strive for excellence at every step of the manufacturing process. 




Tobacco rod Includes tobacco lamina (the flat part of the tobacco leaf) and tobacco stem (midribs of the leaf).

Cigarette paper includes paper and adhesive.

Filter is made mainly from cellulose acetate fibers, known as tow. Cellulose acetate is derived from wood pulp. The fibers are bonded together with a hardening agent, Triacetin plasticizer, which helps the filter to keep its shape. The filter is wrapped in paper and sealed with a line of adhesive. 

Tipping paper includes paper and adhesive.